She Chose Freedom and Flexibility

March 1, 2023


A Story About Choosing Freedom and Flexibility

I first set out on my own, the social pressure to buy a house was immense. It was understood that homeownership was the ultimate goal, a symbol of stability and future financial success. But I questioned this narrative. I thought about my freedom, flexibility, and ability to live a life that aligned with my particular values and aspirations.

In my search for alternatives, I stumbled upon Lépine apartments, and their soft-sell approach, quiet luxury, and attention to customer care were a breath of fresh air. I rent a one bedroom plus den apartment at The Normand. It’s a vibrant community, and I feel the sense of belonging and connection that I was hoping for. From the moment I stepped foot into my new apartment, I was warmly welcomed by neighbors and the Lépine property management staff.

I won’t lie and say I have everything I’ve ever wanted. However, I can say that I have avoided the shackles of a mortgage, the weight of endless surprise bills, taxes, and the financial stress that often accompanies homeownership. Instead, I can celebrate simplicity and living life to the fullest. My time is my most scarce and valuable resource. I use it to invest in my health by building a routine in the fitness centre and pool and all the outdoor green spaces that surround me.

My den features a built-in home office, so I can work from home. When I’m away, I don’t think twice about my car, (which is safely tucked away downstairs), or about my apartment. Lépine takes care of it all. Perhaps the most profound impact of choosing a Lépine apartment was the clarity it brought to my priorities. Rather than pouring my resources into a house, I directed my energy towards personal growth, education, and pursuing my goals. I don’t think wealth is only measured by numbers on a balance sheet. It should also be found in the richness of experiences and the depth of connections forged along the way. I have everything I truly need – a place to call home and the freedom and agility to forge my future.

~ Sarah, the happy tenant

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