Helping All Canadians Realize the Benefits of Sport

February 24, 2023


Francis Lépine has always used an extremely hands-on approach in business, so it should come with no surprise that many of our charitable ventures have a personal connection. When choosing an initiative, we often consider ones that we can relate to and have a close relationship with. That’s why it was an easy decision to join Canadian Adaptive Disabled Snowsports (CADS) in their efforts to provide people with physical challenges the chance to experience the joys of winter sports without barriers.

In 1976, CADS formed as a registered charity to oversee adaptive ski and snowboard programs in Eastern Ontario and Western Quebec. CADS serves over 2,100 participants living with disabilities and encourages them to live fun and active lifestyles by providing a healthy environment with accessibility for members and removing barriers to sports participation. We proudly support CADS through their adaptive ski program and sponsorship of their golf tournament, as well as launching various day programs for youth and adults living with disabilities across Ottawa.

Skiing is a user-friendly sport that has proven itself accessible to people with physical or intellectual disabilities. Adaptive techniques and specialized equipment make alpine skiing accessible to those with spina bifida, cerebral palsy, and cognitive impairments, among others. Even those with zero mobility can participate using equipment such as Bi-Ski Sitski, Mono Sit Ski, Long Pole, Snow Slider, and Outriggers. Supportive sport environments like the one offered by CADS tends to bring out the best in participants, volunteers, and instructors alike.

With a motto of “Fun, Inclusion, and Respect”, it is easy to see why we're proud to sponsor an organization that aligns so closely with our own family values of inclusivity and equal opportunity. We plan to continue supporting CADS mission of providing safety, fun, and compassion to each participant.

See you on the slopes!

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